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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Booking Process Work
Our booking process is easy and simple. About as simple as ordering a pizza. Order it and forget it so you can focus on the other aspects of planning your party. Our automatic and streamlined process is what allows us to keep our prices low, avoid human error, and book more parties than all of our competitors combined.


When you book online you will receive an instant e-mail receipt of your order and an instant automated text message letting you know that your order is being reviewed, processed, and assigned. The day prior to your event AND the day of your event you will receive an additional text message confirmation. No other communication is usually necessary unless we have questions about your order.


If you have questions about your order then please send an e-mail to the address listed on your invoice for fastest response.

How Much Are Your Strippers
All prices are listed on the prices page. Please review your booking and pricing options and book online when you are ready. We will keep an eye out for your order.
How Far In Advance Should I Book?
Most clients book anywhere between 1 and 3 weeks in advance. Some clients book the day before and some even book the same day. We recommend you book as far in advance as possible to ensure the best entertainers and avoid additional charges.
Pricing – Up To One Hour vs. No Time Limit
The Up To One Hour Option is for UP TO one hour depending on tips and participation. Select this option if you want a quick 5-10 minute stripper gram or if you do not foresee needing him more than an hour. The Up To One Hour option is best for smaller parties on limited time frames.


The No Time Limit option is best for medium to larger parties that want to see everything the entertainer is capable of. This option allows us to schedule him in such a way where he does not have another party to get to immediately after yours. This extended time allows him to do more tricks, play more games, focus on the guest of honor longer, and give plenty of attention to everyone at the party. Please keep in mind performance times are entirely dependent on tips and participation. If you select the No Time Limit option please don’t abuse his time by making him wait to begin, OR think he will stay for as long as you want without tipping him accordingly. It’s your party’s responsibility to tip him so he wants to stay. Not because you "say so."
Customary tipping for an entertainer at an average party, should be $200 or more which is in addition to the booking fee. If you have about 10 girls that is about $20 a person or if you have 20 ladies that’s $10 a person which normally is not a problem for most parties. As the person booking the party you owe it to the entertainer to just simply make sure everyone is prepared with tip dollars prior to his arrival.


His performance is largely dictated by tips so in order to receive his best performance and the maximum amount of time, this is what we recommend. Our clients are generous tippers and that allows us to provide the highest quality entertainers at such a low cost. We’d rather you save your money for tips rather than charging high, up front booking fees.
Entertainers sometimes allow touching in a nonsexual nature but it’s completely up to him and entirely at his discretion.
Picture Taking
Entertainers normally allow photographs but it’s ultimately at his discretion. If your guests are respectful, he will probably be more likely to allow it. At the very least you will usually have an opportunity for photos before or after his performance if not during.
Entertainers usually have specific play lists on their phone, Ipod or on a CD. You and you entertainer may discuss and decide that its best to use stereo equipment on site if it is available and better sounding than the boom box that he would otherwise provide.
Entertainers normally do not do full nudity but some guys do if the party is respectful and local laws/ordinances permit. Ultimately it is at his discretion though. Nudity is not something that we sell or promote.
Ages Of Guys
Entertainers ages usually range between 21 and 35. We do not provide the ages of specific entertainers because there are too many to track and their ages change annually.
Heights Of Guys
Entertainers heights generally range between 5-10 and 6-4.
Gay / Guys At Party
We provide entertainment for female audiences only. Entertainers will not usually perform if there are men present. If men are present they will usually be required to leave until he is complete.
Check Entertainer Availability
We are usually able to accommodate your request whenever possible but when you book online you are required to make more than one preference in order to provide some flexibility.


If you’d like to find out which entertainer was assigned simply e-mail us the day of your party because it will certainly have been assigned out by then. The guys usually call you prior to your party to confirm and speak directly with you anyway.
Guarantee / Refunds
YES! There are no other companies in the in the business that offer a guarantee that we do. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your entertainer upon his arrival simply turn them away at the door for complete refund of your deposit.


Beware of other companies that do not provide you some sort of guarantee. At the time of this writing we don’t know of any other companies that provide any guarantee. Most companies don’t give any guarantee, fearing substantial refunds due to inadequate entertainers they may provide. We are able to provide the best entertainers due to the sheer volume of orders which keep them consistently busy.
Discounts For More Than 1 Guy
No. The price listed on the website is for EACH entertainer.


We have some of the most competitive prices on the internet and Entertainers do not take discounts because another entertainer will be performing at the same party. When two (or more) entertainers perform at 1 party, clients often unfortunately tip them less versus when they are performing solo. This is the other reason there are no discounts for more than one.
Discount For Less Time
Please notice that on the website, the 60 Min Time Limit option is not necessarily for an hour but it’s for “UP TO an hour”. So whether it’s a five-minute stripper-gram at an office or if it’s a full hour long party, its the same price.


When clients request shorter performance times we can safely assume that the entertainers tips are going to be less. Because of this, there are no discounts for shorter times. Your booking fees largely covers admin, processing your order, scheduling it, assigning it, confirmations, entertainer drive time, gas etc. It doesn’t make much difference to the entertainer if he dances for 10 minutes or 60 minutes because his performance time is generally based on his tips.
Recommended Guys
We represent every entertainer equally and all the entertainers are unique and amazing. Because of this you would just simply base your preferences off of the photos on the website.
Travel Charges / How Far Do Guys Travel
Wherever they need to travel to is normally fine. There are normally no additional travel charges if the party is within the city or immediate metro area.


For out of town parties, travel charges are calculated at a rate of $1.50 per mile from downtown, to your ZIP, code according to Google Maps. This additional amount is due in cash upon his arrival with the remaining balance.


If you’re event is 100+ miles from downtown you MAY incur potential hotel costs for your entertainer as well. If your event is over 200-250+ miles from downtown also be prepared to pay for possible airfare as well. If your event is a significant distance from downtown feel free to contact us via e-mail for clarification or any questions.
Parking Fees
You are responsible for any parking or any valet charges. This additional amount is due upon his arrival in addition to your remaining balance.
Existing Order Questions
The most effective way to inquire about your order is to simply reply to the e-mailed confirmation you received. Include your questions or comments in that e-mail and it will be replied to promptly. If your issue is of an urgent matter feel free to call and have your order number ready.
Order Changes
If you need to make an adjustment to an existing order please submit your changes at and use the “CHANGE ORDER” option.
Party Buses
Entertainers perform on party buses all the time. Your entertainer may require the bus to remain stationary during his performance for safety. If he does allow the bus to drive around, you will need to stay close to his vehicle or pick up location.


Since party bus parties are normally on a tight schedule, feel free to be a little more specific (yet flexible) in your entertainers requested arrival time. They will do their best to accommodate your party’s time.
Hotel Room Parties / No Room Number Yet
Entertainers perform at hotels all the time. Almost half of all bookings are at hotels.


You probably won’t know your room number until you check in so you will be contacted you the evening of your party to let us know the room number. You then can either have him come on up or come down to meet him to keep the surprise.
Keeping It A Surprise
Entertainers are accustomed to making parties a surprise. Just indicate what you need him to do in the special notes and request section of your online order so he can make it the best surprise possible.


NOTE: Surprise parties can be problematic when it comes to tipping. If you choose to keep the surprise from all of your guests, they will likely not have the necessary cash to tip appropriately. Bear in mind that the entertainer may look to you the hostess to supplement any shortage.
Costume Requests
When you book online, enter any costume requests in the special notes and request field on the order form.


Common request are cop, security, fireman, cowboy, maintenance man, pizza delivery, nerd, angry neighbor, etc.


If your request is outlandish or extraordinary (Mr Potato Head, Bin Laden or any other ridiculous act you come up with) and its a “must-have” please be prepared to provide the costume for him to keep and or pay substantial additional charges ($150+) for the entertainer to purchase, prepare and perform in that costume.
When & Where Does He Get Ready
As odd as this will sound, white entertainers normally arrive prepared and ready to perform. Black entertainers normally need a changing room with about 10-20 minutes to prepare. Performance preparation and style are worlds apart. They are just simply different types of performers. There are some exceptions where white entertainers get ready upon arrival or where black entertainers arrive ready to perform. Other ethnicities are normally prepared upon arrival too. Just be prepared for either upon their arrival or specify in your order notes for him to be ready upon his arrival.
No Couples
Our entertainers do not perform for couples. No swingers, cuckolds etc. Entertainment is for groups of 3 or more women and no men are allowed. This is non-negotiable.
Male Revue/Night Club Booking
All male revues are handled directly by the director of booking. Please be sure to review all of the pricing and booking information on the Male Revue page.


After reviewing, please e-mail us the following info and we will reply promptly. Please include “MALE REVUE INQ” in the subject line.


INCLUDE: Your First Name / Phone# / Night Club or Venue Name / City and Zip Code / Date / Time / How Many Guys Needed / Preference of Black, White, or Mix of guys
Job Seekers
Review the jobs page thoroughly and submit your info through the form on that page.
Trust / Are We Legit?
It is sometimes very difficult to know who to trust on the Internet, much less a stripper company on the Internet. We encourage you to browse the Internet and check out our competition. While you are searching, here are a few things that you can look for in order to know who to trust.


1.) Ask them if they offer a guarantee – Our guarantee is… “If for ANY reason you are not satisfied with your entertainer upon his arrival, simply turn him away at the door for a full refund of your deposit.” Compare our guarantee with theirs if they have one. Don’t take their word for it over the phone either. Be sure they can validate their guarantee somewhere in writing on the website and especially in their terms and conditions.


2.) Look for testimonials on their website – Be sure to read them carefully and make sure they’re not made up. You are intelligent and we are certain you’ll know if they are real when you see them. Check out our TESTIMONIALS HERE or click the link at the very bottom of this page.


3.) Look for companies who accept credit cards – If a company accepts credit cards they can usually be trusted because it’s somewhat difficult to obtain and keep that privilege given by Visa and MasterCard. If a company does not accept credit card payments then it could be that they were never granted the privilege due to poor credit or have had that privilege revoked. Companies that are unable to process CC may ask you to pay the entire balance upon his arrival, or have resorted to utilizing something like PayPal or similar third-party service.


4.) Look for websites and companies who display an actual merchant seal – The merchant seal identifies the company who basically facilitates the CC transactions between the company and Visa or Master Card. They also can and will revoke credit card processing privileges from their clients for any fraudulent activity. You can validate us as an approved merchant by clicking the button at the bottom of our PRICES page. If it’s not listed on their website you should be able to ask them who their merchant provider is and ask them to validate it.


5.) Be cautious of companies who don’t require any deposit on a CC – See reasons above and also consider that without a deposit the company has very little obligation to provide you an entertainer. “ALL cash upon arrival” bookings generally have high last-minute cancellations. These clients that get canceled on last minute by other companies are a large majority of same day bookings that we acquire.
Is Online Booking Safe?
Look for companies who have and SSL securely encrypted website. Many clients are often hesitant to give credit card information online but there is usually more risk in giving your credit card information over the phone or to the girls at your hair salon. Secure website transactions are some of the most secure credit card transactions you can make because all of your payment information remains confidential and encrypted.


You MUST make sure the payment page of any website is secure and encrypted before entering your info online though. When you are on a webpage which is asking you for sensitive CC information you should see https:// before the website address at the top of the page in your address bar. For an online company to have that letter “S” behind the http, they must purchase SSL encryption which maintains the security and encryption of your information. When you make a payment through our website we can only see the first four digits in the last four digits of your card because of this.

If you have a question or concern that could not be answered here then CONTACT US via email or call 888-306-1965